• Does CBIL invest its own funds into any given transaction?

    Answer: Yes. We also do have our reserve in some Countries around the world.


    • What are your Requirement for project funding?

    Answer: Executive Summary/Business plan.


    • Does CBIL consider Equity Funding?

    Answer: Yes.


    • What is the Minimum Amount of Funding CBIL is interested to consider, for project financing?

    Answer: We have no limit in funding. We fund numerous projects notwithstanding the amount involved. We have different packages that can suit any kind of project.


    • What is the Maximum Amount of funding CBIL is interested to consider, for Project Financing?

    Answer: There is no Maximum per say; however, we generally don’t like each transactions requiring funding to exceed $500M.


    • Can CBIL Capital consider Start-up’s?

    Answer: Yes.


    • What is a “Normal Delay” to fund any given Project?

    About 30 working days.


    • Do we accept Broker business?

    Answer: Yes.